Agricultural and Food Science Technicians
Summary Occupational Forecast Data for Agricultural and Food Science Technicians
Employment Employment Change Average Annual Job Openings Wage & Training Levels
2018 2023 Numerical Percent New Jobs Replacement Jobs Total Median Hourly Median Annual Training Levels
459 475 16 3.43% 3 47 50 $22.29 $46,365 Associate's degree
Description: Work with agricultural scientists in food, fiber, and animal research, production, and processing; assist with animal breeding and nutrition work; under supervision, conduct tests and experiments to improve yield and quality of crops or to increase the resistance of plants and animals to disease or insects. Includes technicians who assist food scientists or food technologists in the research, development, production technology, quality control, packaging, processing, and use of foods.
Forecast Data Source: EMSI (2nd Quarter 2019)